Often known as the uniform for arbiters of cool, this is a piece that may let you fake it till you make it. For those in extreme climates, this is one of the short windows when you can really get some wear out of your leather as well. It’s likely not too cold and not too hot, leave the sweaters at home, I usually like to wear my leather over just a tee or just a shirt. 

Of course there are ample options, the asymmetrical biker being the boldest, with the ability to tone it down with a tie. And if you’re not heading to the place beyond the pines, failsafe options are the bomber style and the simple moto. If you’ve got decent height and an appreciation of the classics, the Barbour/safari-style leathers also have a great utility look that can easily substitute a blazer and is pretty effortless. 

Brown? Black? Other? Ideally one of each if I could have my way, but brown goes with everything, black is classic and a little more badass, so it depends whether you want it to be functional or make a statement. Either way, go a size down and wear the hell out of it until you make your groove. Throw on a pair of shades, wear it with everything and be careful on that motorcycle.

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God is up there. Makin it rain on you hoes. What’re you gonna do? Let your wool start piling? Stain your leather? Soak your cotton? 

Rhetorical questions people, keep up. It’s time to bust out that trench/mac/parka/waxed jacket/lined field jacket and brave the elements (grab an umbrella while you’re at it). 

Remember it’s still spring, so rock cotton because it’s easier to wash and it breathes. And I know homie’s wearing suede shoes and has a patch on his shoulder, but he’s not actually in the rain, you get the idea. Know better.

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Naturally I’d wait till the end of winter (fingers crossed) to post about a traditionally holiday-themed plaid. But there’s two good reasons for this:

1. Sales, b. Keep an eye out because sure the spring stuff is already discounted, but any winter wear left over is basically given away. And if you have a random size or are just damn lucky then you can get things like this beautiful print for a guilt free steal.

2. I plan to wear mine as long as the weather allows. We’re not going into double digits and that sucks. But the plus side is that I’ll run a few of my light winter pieces into the cooler parts of springs because rules are for suckers. When else can you wear that emerald shade with light coloured jeans?

Now I bought the separates because I’m a fiend sometimes but wearing these plaids together is for the bold, and only at the office if your office is a stage.  

Also, don’t wear it on St. Patty’s (some people have rules that are a bit personal), otherwise you might end up with a black eye to match the blackwatch.


Denim. I know, this is not uncharted territory. So for the adventurous among you, you can add to this in a big way. It’s an old staple brought back as a trend and I for one am loving it right now. 

We got so formal and dandyish in our ways that we became unapproachable. Then for a bit #menswear went full workwear and it was frankly a bit insulting to the people that actually wear it for, you know, work. Adding some denim basically allows you to be a bit casual when you’re going full retard formal. 

My personal favourite, which I’m still trying to get my hands on in a brand that fits (if you know, get at me) is the cutaway denim shirt. I rocked my western with a double breasted a few nights back and felt like could finally make the damn blazer age appropriate (your boy is still a spring chicken). Try to get one without the western detailing (doesn’t play as well under a sweater or light blazer), wear it like a blue shirt, and get as wild as you like elsewhere.

Then there’s the denim jacket, looks great with the sleeves rolled up or in this absurdly persistent cold, under a coat as a mixing layer. Do it, and try to cop one that fits like a glove, naturally.

And if you don’t own a pair of decently faded jeans then you might just be the squarest fella there ever was. Don’t be that guy. But…DO be the guy that wears em with a shirt and even a slim tie. That guy knows whats up.

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So we’re trying to get a little sophisticated here at Goon HQ. In the way we bring you posts and of course in style.

Yeah the turtleneck. Favourite of french artists, jewel thieves, and famous writers. It has returned and there’s enough elegance in it for most of you schmucks out there. Like the well-fitted polo, this is not forgiving to the fatties. So cut the carbs, gluten, and excuses not to go to the gym and wear this on the weekend under leather, on Friday’s under a blazer or suit, and on rainy days under your trench. Hell, if you want wear a scarf with it too, justifications are for the feeble. 

And if you can, try to err the way of painting or writing your manuscripts in a Starbucks.

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So pristine, so delicate, so untouchable have our garments become that the slightest stain makes us wince with disgust and immediately the most coveted item reaches the top of the Goodwill pile.

Nay, good friends. When clothes age, they take on a new form. Like a fine whine, it becomes a different kind of irritating even when it nears it’s end. 

Can’t wear white? Staying away from khakis? Camel in the winter? With all that salt and snow and dirt abound? Leave your inner-Howie Mandel at home and wear out what you got.

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Looks like Dean and Dan have been hard at work, because what used to look like premium Diesel* (brand, not gas) has now come into it’s own, a more elegant streetwear.

And the coat doesn’t hurt. Just goes to show you can wear it with some creativity. 

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Chuck Bass.

So GQ beat me to the punch, but recognition of one of TV’s greatest dandies is in order here.  And while the GQ post sums up most of the fun Gossip Girl’s stylist had with the character, I think we’d be remiss to leave out the man himself, Mr Ed Westwick. 

Off camera, he clearly wanted to bust out of those pristine tailored duds and jump into more badass streetwear with a rock n roll sensibility. Also, as displayed here, his hair was the business. 

Well played, sir.



It’s summer, and yet there are times where just a shirt won’t cut it. A t shirt simply will not do. You’ve done well, you’re refined. You know what a cravat is and you understand seasonal colours. 

So sometimes you wear a blazer. You won’t really be wearing a wool cashmere blend, not unless you intend on hitting the steam room anyways. Cotton is your friend. Linen you call from time to time. And sometimes you even end up in bed with lightweight wool, but you don’t regret it because she lets you breathe. Unstructured. Soft shoulders. It’s kinda cool.

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An unstructured blazer? And with a shirt and tie? It cannot be done! 

Seeing is believing. 

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Last one kiddies, that pitti party’s over anyways. On to Milan but before we go, a nod to soft shoulders and a slouchy tee. I swear people did this in college but rock it with shades in Italy and it just looks cool again.

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Best branding in recent memory. Three stripes. Thom Browne. Finito. 

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Why is this not the first time we’ve seen matching friends? Guys if you’re gonna buy the same pair of pants at least don’t wear them on the same day…or just avoid one another.

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He isn’t wearing the same tweed blazer in minus ten as he does in forty degree heat. Lightweight tweed, bitches. 

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